Marena and Samuel | Legends on the Niagara

Marena and Samuel had a gorgeous wedding this summer at Legends on the Niagara golf course. The two of them look like they are straight out of a magazine. And the amount of love they have for each other isView full post »

Samantha and Steve | Honsberger Estate

What a beautiful wedding Samantha and Steve had at Honsberger Estate earlier this summer! With a mixture of amazing people, beautiful weather and a late ceremony their day couldn’t have gone any better! IView full post »

Rebecca and Tyler | Vineland Estates Winery

There really isn’t much I can say about these two other then they are perfect for each other. Its obvious from the moment you see them together that they are just amazing together. Rebecca and Tyler had aView full post »

Kelsey and Jack | Club Italia

What a beautiful wedding Kelsey and Jack had at Club Italia in Niagara Falls. Kelsey looked stunning in her dress, the weather was great, the crowd was amazing and the food was fantastic. Some of the happiest, and mostView full post »

Laura and Chris | Dundurn Castle

What an awesome couple Laura and Chris are! They had a beautiful wedding at the end of May. Laura and her bridesmaids got ready at the Staybridge Suites hotel in Hamilton. Everyone was so excited for her day and in highView full post »

Kailey and Joe – Cherry Blossoms Engagement

I love cherry blossom season! For one week they have these beautiful blooms and I just want to grab every couple and put them out there with such a beautiful background. Kailey and Joe had some beautiful weather when weView full post »

Mike and Holly – Niagara Falls Proposal

I love doing proposals. There is a certain excitement and rush that goes along with capturing one of the biggest moments in two peoples lives. Mike got in contact with me a few weeks before him and Holly were planningView full post »

Michelle and Chris – Jordan Manor

Last month I had the opportunity to shoot Michelle and Chris’ beautiful wedding. They both got ready at the Jordan Manor and then we headed off to the Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls for more portraits withView full post »

Kristen and Rich | Riverstone Event Centre

What a beautiful wedding Kristen and Rich had in February! There was no snow, but there was plenty of cold and wind for them to get the full winter experience. They had a beautiful candle lit ceremony at theirView full post »

Sophia and Dylan | Hernder Estate

Words can’t describe how much I enjoyed meeting and working with Sophia and Dylan this year. 2 people after my own heart with their love of classic rock and all things retro! They had a beautiful autumn wedding atView full post »

Kelsey and Jack | Balls Falls Engagements

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to shoot Kelsey and Jack’s engagements at Balls Falls! We spent a couple of hours going around Balls Falls. It was a blast hanging out with the two of them and it was prettyView full post »

Amanda and Whitney | Legends Winery

What a fun wedding Amanda and Whitney had! My second LGBT wedding! I’ve been excited to shoot theirs since first meeting the two of them a year and a half ago. The two of them just have this infectious happinessView full post »

Sarah and Mike | Heartland Forest

What a wedding this was! It only rained for one wedding I shot all year, and this was the one. And wow did the skies ever open up for it!! But Sarah, Mike and their wedding party didn’t let any of that stop themView full post »

Stephanie and Tony | Distillery District

I had so much fun shooting Stephanie and Tony’s engagements recently. We went to the St Lawrence Market, the Distillery District and Cherry Beach in Toronto. The two of them were a blast to photograph and hang outView full post »

Kristie and Chris | Port Colborne Marina

I love getting to work with friends when they get married! Chris and Kristie had a beautiful wedding last month with the ceremony held at the Port Colborne Marina. The two of them and their wedding party were so muchView full post »

Darcy and Jeremy | Club Castropignano

Darcy and Jeremy had such a fun wedding! When I first met the two of them for their engagements, I knew they were a perfect match for each other. I think Darcy had a smile on her face for her entire wedding day! TheyView full post »

Alexandra and Marshall | Queenston Heights

This was such a fun wedding! Alexandra, Marshall, their family and friends came from way up north to have their wedding here in Niagara! As soon as I got there I knew their day would be amazing! They had their ceremonyView full post »

Andrea and Bryan | Rockway Vineyards

There isn’t much I can say about Andrea and Bryan other then they are the perfect match! I don’t think I’ve seen two people who were so perfect for each other before. Their wedding was held at RockwayView full post »

Marena and Sam | Niagara Engagement

I had so much fun shooting Marena and Sam’s engagements recently! The two of them are naturals in front of the camera. They brought their beautiful dogs out to the Botanical Gardens for some photo’s first,View full post »

Ryan and Christie | Fort Erie Wedding

What a fun wedding this was! Ryan, and basically the entire wedding party on the guys side has been some of my best friends since I was little. Getting to document and experience the day with all of them was amazing! IView full post »

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